At 401 Projects, you will find a variety of exhibits in the online gallery here at the site. For starters, we would like to talk about a few classic images to consider and to give thought to. It is easy to understand certain images; for example, a painting of a beautiful person or animal or landscape. We don’t necessarily need to ponder too much about the reasons the artist may have created the image.

However, when things get more abstract, it’s an entirely different story. Consider a picture where you can’t, for the life of you, get into the head of the artist. Maybe it’s a surreal painting of skeletons looking at a fried egg (like the one we show here, which we are given permission to use).

WHAT is the artist thinking? Frankly, I just don’t get it. Do you? I remember a greeting card once, where the cover of the card depicted a bunch of people wrapped up like mummies on hillside. No words… Then, I opened the card, and it said, “I don’t get it either.” I had to buy it and send it to my sister because I knew she would howl with laughter (she’s an artistic type). But, other than that, there is some art that I’ll never understand.

Anyway, welcome to the site!